What to expect

What to expect during your appointment


It can be a little daunting coming to see a massage therapist for the first time - whether this is your first massage, or just your first time with that particular therapist.  This page will hopefully answer any questions that you have, but if there is anything more you would like to know, please contact me.

Where are you?.

Brae - I work from the Brae Hotel, which is in the middle of Brae, next to the Brae Garage.  When you come in the main door, the reception desk is straight ahead of you, and there is a seating area facing it (to your left). If I am not there waiting for you then take a seat and I will be with you shortly.

Lerwick - I work from Room 4, Unit 5.2 in the Toll Clock Shopping Centre.  If you go through the main automatic doors, you go up the stairs that are straight ahead and through the door at the top. Go through the door immediately to the left of that door, it is room 4 opposite Shetland Colonics.  If you have an evening appointment, the main automatic doors might be locked.  You can access the centre using the fire door to the left of the main door. Any problems, take my mobile number with you so you can get in touch.


What happens when I arrive?

I will take you into the treatment room, and complete a consultation form with you. It's straightforward - you need to provide your personal details (name, address, date of birth and contact details), and a summary of any health concerns that you have. I will also ask if you have any aches and pains, what you are looking for from your treatment, and what you would prefer in terms of depth/speed/style of massage.


What should I wear - massage?

That depends on what you are looking for.  If you would like a clothed treatment, it is best to wear comfortable clothes. For working on the back it's best to strip to the waist fully, and if you are wearing jeans or something with little give at the waist, or would also like your legs worked on, to strip to your underwear - or fully if you would be more comfortable. Bear in mind that any areas not being worked on will be covered by a towel.

I leave the room for you to get ready and lie on the couch, covering yourself up with the towel. I wait for your signal to let me know that you are ready. Again, at the end of the treatment I leave the room for you to get ready in your own time.

What should I wear - Dorn Method?

 For the seated part of Dorn, it is easier for men to go topless. Women, it is advisable to wear a strappy vest top if you have one. It can also be done without, and I will provide a towel for modesty.

What if I find it too sore/deep/light/slow/fast?

This is your treatment, and I want you to walk away having had the best experience that you can. For that reason, if you would prefer the pressure or speed of the massage to be adjusted, or you don't like a particular move - please tell me!  Not only does it benefit you, as the treatment will suit you better, but it benefits me too, as you are more likely to come back again, or tell others that you had a good experience.


What should I do after the massage?

Firstly, pay attention to how you feel.  Go for a short walk, maybe, and see if you notice any difference to how your body feels - are there any specific areas that you notice feel different? Has it affected your mood?  What about your energy levels?

It's a good idea to make sure you are hydrated - so drink water and avoid alcohol and caffeine, if you can.

Try to avoid doing anything overly energetic for the rest of the day.

It is possible that you might be a little sore for a day or two after a massage - the type of pain that you get after you exercise for the first time in a while (spaegie/DOMS).  It's nothing to worry about and will ease.


How long should I wait to rebook?

There are a few factors to consider here. If you have been having regular massage, then you will probably know what suits you - for most people that is monthly or fortnightly. If, however, you have come for a treatment because you are in pain or have chronic issues that massage can help reduce the symptoms of, you might want to consider coming weekly for a few weeks to try and get the maximum benefit that you can in a short time, before moving on to fortnightly or monthly sessions. I do offer a discount to new clients that would like to try weekly sessions to see if that would help. If that interests you, as about it after your first (half-price!) session.


You haven't answered my question!

Sorry about that! Please do get in touch with me and I will do my best to answer any queries that you have.

Angela Sinclair.  Telephone 01806 522094.  Email info@massage-shetland.com.