So what is NO HANDS® Massage?

The most common question I get is 'is it like reiki?' quickly followed by 'so what do you use?'.  No Hands is not an entirely accurate description, as there are some occasions that I do use hands.  It is difficult, however, to provide the depth that many clients are looking for using hands alone.  NO HANDS Massage provides a new approach, a way of giving the client what they need without the discomfort that can be associated with deep massage.  Watch the video below to get a feel of what a treatment consists of.



NO HANDS massage is an approach to massage devised by Gerry Pyves primarily to protect therapists from injury to hands and wrists, something that is too common. In doing so he has created an approach that is powerful yet gentle, and can be tailored to people needing the lightest of touch to those that are looking for a deep treatment to really get into the muscles. You can find out more at www.nohandsmassage.com.


 Where can I get a massage from you?

I currently practice in Brae and in Lerwick.

At the moment, my regular days are Wednesday and every second Saturday in Brae, and Tuesday, Friday and every second Saturday in Lerwick (as well as occasional Thursdays).


Can you visit me at home?

Yes, I do home visits.  Depending on where you are, there may be an additional charge for mileage.  My current rate is 35p per mile (round trip).  If you arrange for more than one of you to have a massage during the same visit, you can split the mileage charge - or if I provide 3 or more treatments with one set-up (i.e. in one house) I will waive it completely.

Angela Sinclair.  Telephone 01806 522094.  Email info@massage-shetland.com.