About me

My name, as you have probably seen, is Angela Sinclair.

At the age of seventeen I became interested in training as a massage therapist and so in 1995 I started my initial training in Swedish Massage.  As much as I enjoyed it, something was missing.  It took me until 2006 to find what that was.  That was when I discovered the power and depth of NO HANDS Massage.  It may sound odd, but the massage itself is anything but.  If you are curious, I recommend that you book a session and 'just feel it'.

There is more information about NO HANDS Massage on the FAQ page.

Nowadays I generally practice NO HANDS Massage.  Clients find that it helps them release their tension and ease their aches and pains more effectively than just using hands.  Not only that, but as a massage practitioner, practicing NO HANDS Massage means I can give deeper, more effective treatments and keep massaging for longer.  The most massages I have done in one day was 12.  That was entirely due to an administration error on my part - but I was able to keep going and make sure my last client of the day received just as effective a treatment as the first - all thanks to NO HANDS Massage.

(And for those of you thinking it, No, it's not like Reiki, it really is massage! Poweful, transformative, pain relieving, stress busting massage)

In April 2016 I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon to study Dorn Method. It sounded intruiging as it's aims are to realign the structure but in a much gentler way than is expected from treatments such as chiropractics. I have been very impressed with the results from this method, considering how gentle it is on the body. It is ideal for those clients that are nervous about chiropractics and osteopathy or feel that those treatments aren't right for them.

I have also trained in Reiki, Indian Head massage and Hot Stones massage.

Angela Sinclair.  Telephone 01806 522094.  Email info@massage-shetland.com.